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Negligence / Personal Injury
2 Years

from date of act or discovery but no more than 3 years from date of act

Wrongful Death
2 Years

from date of death but no more than 5 years from date of act complained of.

Medical Malpractice
2 Years from date of injury or discovery, but no more than 3 years from date of malpractice
Malpractice (Other Professions)
2 Years from date of injury or discovery, but no more than 3 years from date of malpractice
Products Liability
3 Years with discovery rule, maximum 10 years from date manufacturer or seller last parted with possession of product. Exception: if plaintiff is non-employee and can prove that injury occurred during "useful, safe life" of product.
Intentional Torts
1 Year except on negotiable note obtained by fraud where holder was given written notice of fraud in which case SOL runs from date of notice.
Municipal Liability/Sovereign Immunity
2 Years (with a 90 day notice requirement) for defective roads and bridges and 2 yrs (with a 6 month notice requirement) for actions against municipality for negligence of most employees. However, under CGS7-308, there is a one year SOL for cases involving the negligence of municipal firemen (paid or volunteer), and volunteer ambulance workers (with a 6 month notice requirement).
Discovery Rule
See specific rules above.
Comparative Negligence
Pure comparative negligence applies and plaintiff's damages are reduced by degree of plaintiff's fault. Contributory or comparative negligence cannot bar recovery in strict liability.
Charitable Immunity
No charitable immunity.
No toll for infancy. 7 year maximum for absence or concealment by defendant. 1 year for death of plaintiff if SOL has not expired.
For damages over $200,000, parties may agree to payment schedule or court will order lump sum payment.
Punitive Damages
Allowed in specified circumstances only.
No-Fault Insurance
Consumer Fraud Complaint

Connecticut Department of Consumer Protection

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