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Negligence / Personal Injury
3 Years from date of occurrence.
Wrongful Death
2 Years years from date of occurrence.
Medical Malpractice
2 Years with Discovery Rule that runs from when injury is, or should have been discovered. 1 year following accrual or 2 years following act or omission. SOL runs from discovery of any foreign object left in body.
Malpractice (Other Professions)
2 Years
Products Liability
2 Years from Date of Occurrence SOR: 10 year rebuttable presumption but exceptions: Intentional misrepresentation by defendant of product characteristics; Harm caused by prolonged exposure; Product's harm would not have been discovered by reasonably prudent person within period of repose; Inadequate warnings after product first sold
Intentional Torts
2 Years years for certain intentional torts.
Municipal Liability/Sovereign Immunity
2 Years from date or discovery. 180 days to file claim against municipalities. Infants have 120 days after majority or 6 years from injury or discovery.
Discovery Rule
If injury is fraudulently concealed by defendant, SOL runs from when injury is, or should have been discovered. Also see rule for medical malpractice above.
Comparative Negligence
Pure comparative negligence applies.
Charitable Immunity
Charitable immunity applies with certain exceptions.
For infants (18th birthday), incompetents, insane, or imprisoned persons, SOL runs from removal of disability. 6 year maximum toll.
Pain and suffering in personal injury or death actions limited to three times compensatory damages to a maximum of $250,000.
Punitive Damages
Only where wanton or outrageous conduct, fraud, malice, or gross negligence. Caps: None
No-Fault Insurance
Other Relevant Information
Action for Ionizing radiation injury: 3 years from discovery, maximum 30 years from last exposure.
Consumer Fraud Complaint

Idaho Office of the Attorney General, Consumer Protection Unit

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